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Fast Golf Fit

Love your game again

Have you ever had to hang it up early during a round because of back pain?

Do you start off strong, only to have a "blow up hole" in the middle of your round for no apparent reason?

Do you ever think you could play your best if your body would just cooperate?

Wouldn't it be nice to hit it long, be pain free, and finish rounds strong? To have a simple fitness solution that allows you to spend as much time as possible on the course?

Listen to legendary broadcaster Bill Macatee. He covered the Masters for 30 years, so he knows a little bit about golf!

Your Coach

Hi! My name is Travis.

I am a former weakling high school golfer.

I was almost too short to see over a steering wheel and 100 lbs soaking wet when I got my drivers license.

I grew up struggling to grow my game because I didn't have the physical tools to play at the level I wanted. I was not a naturally gifted athlete when it came to strength and power. It was frustrating to struggle without knowing how to change it. I hated feeling weak and being a short hittter. In my first ever team scramble the only shots we used of mine were putts! It was humiliating.

I became a strength enthusiast. I dove into learning everything I could about strength, mobility, and all things fitness training. I studied from some of the best in the business of performance. I built my strength and transformed my abilities, allowing me to overcome the roadblocks that limited me.

I've spent almost 15 years coaching clients one to one to achieve their goals and become better versions of themselves. I've seen how their bodies put the brakes on the abilities needed to play the game.

I know how confusing the golf fitness world can be with the ever changing advice, fads, and gimmicks, promising results that never come. It's the best feeling in the world to help people overcome the things keeping them from doing what they love. Let me help guide you on a better path.

I would be honored to be your coach. I look forward to helping you play your best, get golf fit fast, and Love Your Game Again.


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Spend more time on the course

Do you struggle with your hips or shoulders in the turn? Have you tried everything your club pro suggested with no improvement, after sinking in dozens of hours on the range and thousands of dollars in equipment and lessons?

I wanted to cut through the noise and help the average golfer understand what they need to implement a program that works.

Let me show you some basic tools and help provide a simple framework for all the components in your fitness for golf. I'll lay out a program to help set a foundation for life. You can use it as a stand alone solution, a warm up, or a springboard to get more personalized in depth fitness training later on.

There are too many complicated, expensive, and time sucking options that over promise and under deliver. I wanted to create a simple solution, to help you get golf fit fast. Something you can do anywhere, anytime, with minimal space and equipment.

What is Fast Golf Fit?

Golf stronger and longer.

With Fast Golf Fit You'll Learn:

The "test and re test" principle that guarantees you supercharge your swing by only working on those exercises, drills, and stretches that produce results. No matter how you swing.

How to "turning on" your neuro input systems will automatically improve technique, making every stretch and exercise you do more effective.

​The #1 most common mistake in any stretching routine, that results in wasted time and possible injuries.

My 5 key stretches that most golfers need to hit basic golf swing positions.

Unfortunately, most golfers don't do them and often make things worse.

My favorite breathing exercise to help you get into "performance mode" for easy swings all round long. It can help you sleep better at night too!

Follow along videos

I explain and demonstrate each exercise with simple technique cues. All you have to do is push play!

Listen to this!

"They are going to have to move the shed!"

Hill's distance has the club pro worried.

"I had no pain after 5 days of golf."

The stamina to go 72 holes.

"I have to re learn my yardages!"

When her husband suggested she club down she replied, "I already did"!

The "Big Four" key components in

Fast Golf Fit

We dive into why each of these four areas are crucial to understand, common pitfalls, and how to integrate them into a quick and easy daily routine you can do anywhere and anytime to amp up your game.


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This is the body's source of sensory information. They help drive our decisions on how to move.

How to quickly turn up the dial for more effective exercises and easier swings.

I invested over a $1000 dollars in courses and research on this topic alone. I've whittled it down into two easy and effective strategies that turbocharge any exercise.


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We breathe more often than any other movement. Learn a simple exercise to restore better breathing.

This game changing technique was worth the price of admission alone when I learned it. I paid over $1500 for that weekend course.


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Mobility or flexibility? What's the difference? I help you boil it down to learn when and how you should stretch.

Why excessive stretching could cause you an injury when done poorly at or at the wrong times.

I've taken the over $15,000 I've spent on specialized stretching courses and thousands of hours of hands on work I've done to give you the key stretches most golfers need.


Your Image

This is our ability to achieve and control certain body positions critical to the golf swing.

Many strength programs are teaching your body to be less flexible. That shouldn't happen! I'll show you how to use strength to become limber and turn back the clock 10 years!

I got my university degree and attended dozens of courses and certifications worth tens of thousands of dollars over the years during my study of strength.

These are some of the best exercises and principles of training that form the solid foundation of a golf fitness routine.

What's the cost?

All of the knowledge, time, and resources I have committed to learning over the years. Streamlined and simplified to help you grow your game, all for less than the cost of a single lesson.

Clients I work with typically pay more than $1200 monthly to work with me in person. I want to give you as much of that knowledge as I can, to keep for yourself, forever. The investment for you today. No upcharges, add ons, or subscriptions.



Who is Fast Golf Fit for?

Any golfer who may not have an extensive fitness background and wants a simple solution to help them get golf fit fast! We use safe and simple exercises that can be modified as needed. Always consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Is this useful for me if I already have a fitness routine?

Yes! You can definitely learn a few new things to easily add to your existing routine. You can also use it as a warm up or off day active recovery session.

Do I need any special equipment?

Nope! Just a little open space, and an exercise mat, a rolled up towel or pillow, and golf club.

How long is the course?

Under 1 hour start to finish! Learn the whys, hows, and full 15 minute routine. That means more time on the course!


My promise to you is that this program, when implemented consistently, will improve your golf fitness. I know when you take action, you’ll get results.

I feel so strongly about this I'm issuing a 90 day money back guarantee to prove it. All you have to do is block off less time than a typical lesson to change your game forever!

These are the same principles I apply in my own training and with those I have coached for over a decade. 15 minutes a day is all it takes to get started. Fewer shortened rounds and frustrating holes.

Don't let another opportunity pass you by to get started.




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